The English Learning Experience

We offer a comprehensive learning environment with group lessons or one on one. If you are busy working or studying with no time for a traditional classroom this program is right for you. Are you ready to start bridging  the gap between your native language and english? We are here for you.  


Our  English Classes prepare you for the Toefl , IELTS , career advancement and more.  You can work on your English 24/7, from anywhere you chose. Filled with a variety of support and services, we value our students and our program and are ready to help you. 


 Our team members will go the extra mile to give our students the tools needed to grow and succeed. At My English Class 1101, all new students are all given a comprehensive  Placement Test, which  will assess grammar, reading , writing, listening and speaking  . Our Assessment  Placement Test will produce your Gap Analysis and Proficiency Level.


The results from this assessment will be used to build an Individual Learning Plan. An Individual Learning Plan is a custom learning plan that is designed specifically for to help improve  your specific language weaknesses and  develop them into strengths. 

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You will learn how to read,

write and speak English Well


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